Friday, May 29, 2009

I see it!!

And then I see it!!!...

The ring is laying on the man hole and next to it is a red rose....

I pick up the ring and look up to see D.J. on his knee with a bouquet of roses...

I am in shock! Surprised! I am so excited! I walk up to him with the ring and say, "Will you put it on?" (I'm such a dork!)

D.J.: "Will you Marry Me?"

Me: "Yes, Yes I will!"

(During this proposal D.J. recruited the AT&T guys working outside our house to take pictures... The AT&T guy: "Ahhhh." LOL)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Again!

We're back from camping and I'm back to work. We had a GREAT weekend; I only wish it would have been longer.... The dogs had a Blast! D.J. and I really enjoyed our QT (quality time). I will post some pics asap.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!

We are going camping for the weekend!! D.J., Laya, Libby and I!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, just look at that face.... Laya is a sweetheart. Laya is 5 years old and she was my first dog. (Libby is 2). I brought Laya home at 8wks old. From day one she has been my baby. She loves her Mommy. She is tender, loving, a little bossy sometimes, very intuitive, sweet, sweet, sweet. She picked up on potty training and tricks very quickly. (She did have some spunky teen moments, but we worked through it.) When I am down, she fill me with love. Oh, how I love her. She is beautiful.

Loves her toys..."Duck" Curiosity....


Libby! This is my "Wild Flower" She is competitive, always ready for a challenge, curiouse, funny, spunky, silly, sweet loving and completely loyal. She gave me a "run for my money" when I brought her home. Potty training took longer than I expected, she chewed on the leather couch, pottied in her crate over and over (I changed her bedding over and over and it didn't make a difference).... It was all worth it. I love her so much. She always makes me laugh.

Searching for some minutes continued....

When Gabriel, my little brother was a boy (he is now 25 years old..Crazy) he went to our Dad and asked if he could have a snack. Dad said, "Just give me a minute and I will come help you." (He was reading a book to one of my siblings.) Gabriel left my Dad and came back a little while later and said, "Dad, I can't find the minutes!." That is so cute! Kids perceptions are so different from adults! I love it! The simplicity of it. Dad said "Give me a minute" and Gabe was going to find them!!

I love Blogs....

I started reading blogs a few months ago and wanted to start one of my own, but after putting my Blog together I did not write I am just going to do it. I love blogs. I love reading them and so often I want to comment to other bloggers, although I have not yet (that is going to change). I love that there are so many people out there going through life with some of the same questions and concerns about life, kids, etc.