Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crazy Wedding Planner Continued.....!!

So, the thing is, you (or maybe it's just me) really don't realize all of the details that go into planning a wedding, until you are in the midst of it. There are sooooo many things/details to think about and decide upon.

I guess I was clueless on wedding planning because a lot of things came to me as a surprise, like choosing a song to cut the cake to, or a song to do the "dollar dances" to, or whether or not to introduce the bride and grooms parent's before the reception begins, at dinner, or before the bridal party dance (which by the way, you are supposed to pick a song for too)!

You know what has really stressed me out though!? RSVP's. Oh yeah. I have a whole new appreciation for RSVP's. Oh, I sent out the invitations, along with an RSVP card and the RSVP cards had stamps too, so they could be returned without a hassle (so I thought). Apparently, it is very difficult to put a stamped post card in the mail to let someone know you are or are not attending their event! OK. So, I have probably been one of THOSE people before, so I understand, but it still sucks! So, here I am making up pretend numbers for my caterer and baker because I have no REAL number... I just have to assume THOSE people are coming because I cannot have my guests starving and I want them all to be able to EAT CAKE (the very delicious, scrumptious, yummy cake that we picked out for them to enjoy on our beautiful wedding day)!

Well, I feel better now. So, really, no hard feelings to the anti-RSVP people out there, or those who lost their invitation along with the RSVP amidst their stack of mail on the table (I am guilty of the piles of mail on my dining table), their dog ate it, their kids painted all over it, or those that simply forgot because life gets busy and sometimes people forget. : )

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  1. My dad said he would give us a certain amount of money for my wedding and what we didn't spend, we got to pocket. I got so frustrated with planning the wedding that we decided to elope and 2 weeks later got married in my husband's grandma's living room and ran with the money! I sympathize with you completely...but am also guilty of not RSVPing.