Friday, July 31, 2009


Yesterday D.J. woke me up to go for a walk with the dogs at 7 a.m., before work. Our conversation went as follows:

D.J.: Do you want to get up and take a walk?

Me: I probably should. (Note: We have been talking about how we should/need to be working out regularly for months now, but we keep NOT doing it. Of course I may be partially to blame, as I do not enjoy waking up real early in the morning.)

I did get up and we walked the dogs in the baseball park a few blocks from our house. I really like the ball park. Especially when it is empty. There are trees all around it. Earlier in July wild mulberries and blackberries grew along the edge of the fields. The dogs and I enjoyed snacking on them as we walked. It is quiet and open. The dogs can run free and I can walk, relax, catch up with friends on my phone, whatever... It's nice.

Although, I did not enjoy the "getting up" part, I really enjoyed the walk. Thanks for getting me going in the morning D.J..

After our walk D.J. made some very YUMMY smoothies! His smoothies are always sooo good. I got ready for work, stopped at McDonald's on the way for my morning COFFEE and started the count down until 6pm.

Work was ok. Went fairly quickly. The last hour is usually the most drawn out.

I went to pick up my wedding band and my engagement ring, which were re-plated and cleaned for me so it is shiny and new for the BIG DAY!

So, I decided just to Blog about anything and everything. My day. My life. My journey.

Have a blessed day!

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